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Shell & Shell-Enhancements

Better command lines for windows:


beside the Fish shell above there is also:

Configure your Shell Prompt

Drawing and Visualizing

also see what we collected on

Useful GIT aliases

To learn more about git consider playing around with the visual cheat sheet. if you want to know more on branching try the interactive demo of pcottle. On the Atlassian site there is also a nice git tutorial available.

checkout all branches:

Code Block
git config --global alias.clone-branches '! git branch -a | sed -n "/\/HEAD /d; /remotes/p;" | xargs -L1 git checkout -t'

So "git clone-branches" will create a local branch of all remote branches (useful when moving a Git repository to a new origin).

Code Block
git push origin --all 
git push origin --tags

List tracked branches

Code Block
alias.track=!sh -c "
if [ \$# -eq 2 ]
   echo \"Setting tracking for branch \" \$1 \" -> \" \$2;
   git branch --set-upstream \$1 \$2;
   git for-each-ref --format=\"local: %(refname:short) <--sync--> remote: %(upstream:short)\" refs/heads && echo --URLs && git remote -v;
" -

Migrate from Subversion to Git

Although git comes with a subversion checkout, it lacks support for clean tags and branches (as subversion does not really have tags). I converted svn repositories to git ones with better results using SVN2GIT from the KDE project. Sample rules can be found in their GitHub repo.